Type of Basement Paint

Apr 15th

Basement paint – Anytime you are dealing with a below-grade area, the rules change slightly. You now have to worry about moisture, and the types of paint that will adhere to the concrete walls of a foundation. Although the walls are drying walled, the type of basement paint differs from typical latex wall paint.

Priming First

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Before painting a basement wall or floor, the surface must be primed. Look for a primer that will also act as a sealant against water. There are several commercial brands of primer that is ideal for the basement, and they will indicate they include sealants. Oil-based paints usually work best on concrete, but you can find latex paint that is rated for use in concrete and masonry. Acting carefully and find a color that can be applied at lower temperatures. Most basement paint needs a minimum temperature of 55 degrees for optimal application and humidity must be low. Basement can be much colder and wetter.

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If you have a concrete subfloor in the basement and you plan to paint it, do not use ordinary latex paint. Instead, a concrete epoxy paints. In addition to concrete epoxy paint to be correct type of paint for concrete floors (it carries better), it will also have a nice shine to it, which will make the floor look better. Make sure to ventilate the basement well when using epoxy because the smoke is quite strong.