Useful Cotton Futon Mattress


Cotton futon mattress – Cotton and wool futon mattress is cheaper than spring futon mattresses. Foldable cotton futons are also easier to transport in a car. Japanese futon mattress saves space by being rolled up or folded and kept in the cupboard or storage on the day and the night. You can roll it out on the floor or tatami mats. Cotton makes a futon mattress hard but comfortable to sleep for most.

Cotton is a natural material that follows the spine shape and provides full support for your body while you sleep. Cotton futon mattress is hard. When using the mattress molds cotton to the body and over time pressed material in body weight. The same is not latex, foam and other synthetic materials and also animal fibers such as wool which evenly distributes weight addition futon mattress. Latex or polyester foam core in the middle makes the filling medium hard.

In Japan usually put the futon either on a tatami mat or on a low bed with slatted frame. Slatted bed base is important to give the mattress right support. And also allow for adequate moisture and air circulation because cotton is good at absorbing moisture. The raw natural cotton can provide a new futon mattress something natural scent reminiscent of fresh hay and disappear after a while. So, using cotton futon mattress is very useful.


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