Twin Bunk Bed Mattress Design


Twin bunk bed mattress – Most bunk beds are designed to fit a standard twin mattress, which are about 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. But some bunk beds size extra-long twin mattresses (39 x 80 inches), full mattresses (54 x 75 inches) and futon mattresses, which come in various sizes, so check the bed manufacturer’s specifications, or at least measure your bed before buying a mattress .

Once you know the size of twin bunk bed mattress you need, start to consider other options, such as mattress height and comfort. Do not get a mattress that is too high for a railing on your bunk. The railing is intended to protect children from falling out of bed, and the mattress is higher than or nearly as high as the top of the railroad where the safety function is not working anymore. You want the railing must be at least 4 or 5 inches above the mattress, and half feet or more is even safer. How to measure the height of the bunk railing before you head out to buy a mattress.

On the other hand, twin bunk bed mattress that is too low can cause other problems. Apart from being uncomfortable and cause pain and pain, a low mattress can also defeat the purpose of a guardrail by leaving a large space below the protective portion of the track. If your bunk has a rail with this unfortunate design, you need to make two measurements-a maximum height of your mattress can be and one for the minimum.


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