Take Down Basement Wall Panels


Basement wall panels – Wall panels in the basement can hide a masonry wall, but they can be unsightly and if they are installed properly, they could hide a layer of mold. The amount of work needed ripping out these panels depends largely on how they are installed – either screwed or simply glued. When the panels are down, you may need to do some repairs on the wall.

Take down basement wall panels; undo the screws in the panels. If the panel is fastened with masonry screws, these must be removed. Use a drill and set it to turn and pull out all the old screws. PRY panels down. If the panels were nailed or glued into place, they must be pried from the wall. Insert a pry bar in one corner and pry to yourself. This should pop the panel from the wall. If the adhesive is stubborn or panels are weak, you may need to simply tear chunks out of hand. Use gloves to protect your hands and goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris.

After that to take down basement wall panels, remove any adhesive left. If the panels were glued, you may have spots of glue on the walls. Use low odor spirits, open all the windows in the room and turn on a fan. Let this set for five minutes and then scrape off the glue with a plastic scraper. Fill in any holes in the wall. If the panels are fastened with masonry screws, you will need to do a small patch work. Brush the walls clean and apply plaster over the holes. Let this set according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You now have a wall ready to prime and paint or you can just leave it bare.


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