Ideas for Finish Basement Wall Paneling


Basement wall paneling – If you want to end wall panels in your basement, choose a special preparation and implementation based on the actual composition and condition of the panels. While wooden panels offer various finishing options, vinyl, plastic, and fiberglass panels is only suitable for painted surfaces. In addition, wood paneling requires far less preparation than vinyl, plastic and fiberglass panels that will throw their new finish unless the appropriate preparation strategies employed before application.

Ideas for finish basement wall paneling, vinyl and plastic slide basement wall paneling to stimulate adhesion by grinding them with 220-grit sandpaper. Use 300-grit sandpaper to sand the fiberglass panels. Skip this step if the panels are made of wood. Cover the floor in the basement wall panels with fabric drop cloths. Coat the basement wall panels with a latex primer using a roller. Smooth the wet primer using a brush. Wait for two hours primed basement wall panels to dry.

Wash your painting tools with water. Coat the primed basement wall panels with a satin latex paint by means of a roll. Smooth the wet paint, with the aid of a brush. Wait two hours for the finished basement wall paneling to dry. Apply a second layer, the primer shows through.


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