Ideal Small Basement Bathroom Ideas


Small basement bathroom ideas – basement bathroom can be very beneficial, especially if homeowners use their basement for living and entertaining. While basement bathrooms are often small, there are still several ways to incorporate design elements. Designers and homeowners who decorate a basement bathroom have several things to consider, including lighting, using bright colors and ventilation. Since basements are at lowest level of home, they are often lacking in windows and natural light.

If small basement bathroom ideas have no natural light, having designers and homeowners compensate by adding luminaries. Homeowners can choose from several luminaries placing on ceiling of basement bathroom. Lighting fixtures can also be placed over sink or vanity. Depending on their personal taste, homeowners have large watt bulbs for a bright room or lower wattage bulbs to more romantic lighting. Homeowners can also place candles inside room for when entertaining guests.

Designers can work with homeowners to research and choose lighting to small basement bathroom ideas. There are also several lighting and design stores that offer light specifically to basement bathrooms. Another important element in basement bathroom ventilation. Ventilation can help remove steamy air that accumulates after a shower is taken. It can also help to remove undesirable odors. Designers and homeowners can create a small or medium ventilation duct on wall or ceiling, to not take away from design of room.


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