How to Finish Low Basement Ceiling Ideas


Low basement ceiling – Many people quit their basement to add living space and increase second-hand value. One of the challenging aspects of finishing a basement is to decide what to do with a low roof. Many products usually used for ceilings can make the ceiling seem even lower than it is.

Check with your municipality or county council to see if there is any code that governs what you can do to make your cellar thank you. The code can control the height, type of roof, access to pipes and channels as well as what can be exposed in a residential basement. Spray paint the low basement ceiling ideas, including pipes and ducts, in a bright color. Apply primer first, and then spray with a latex spray paint suitable for metal. This is a painting job that can be bulky and harder than most, so hiring a professional can be worth the cost.

Attach furrow strips perpendicular to the bottom of the rails. Check with one level every 2 to 3 meters. Use shims to adjust the height if necessary. Hang gypsum. Apply glue on furring strips. Start in a corner. Prop plaster against the low basement ceiling ideas with a plaster wall hanger. Spike to the spatula strip. Continue until the first line is complete. Install roof tiles or panel panels as an easier alternative to plaster. Apply glue on the underside of the furring strip. Staple or nail the material directly to the spatula strip.


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