Best Finished Basement Ceiling Ideas


Best Finished Basement Ceiling Ideas – The basement ceiling is one of the most neglected areas of the house. If you’re lucky to have a finished basement, consider updating the look of the ceiling. Since basements tend to receive minimal light, adding creative touches to the ceiling will brighten the room. If you are crafty or artistic, it can be a fun project. Before you begin the transformation, consider the light in the room and how that will reflect on the ceiling.

Be creative and paint a mural for finished basement ceiling ideas. You do not have to do it themselves and can hire someone to do it, but it must be your vision and design. Some mural ideas garden scenes, beaches and other scenic. A mural on your basement ceiling will be striking and will certainly be a topic of conversation.

Another creative idea for finished basement ceiling ideas, one that also appeals to your children is to make the solar system on the basement ceiling. This is perfect if you use your basement as a family. First paint the ceiling dark. Then you can either paint the planets and constellations with glow-in-the-dark paint, decals or purchase from a store and just they are usually on the ceiling. You also can create a design on your basement ceiling using stencils and paint. First paint your ceiling a neutral color like taupe or pale yellow, and then stencil the design. One idea is to use a stencil to create an Aztec design; Use orange paint and stencil to create this bold look.


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